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Specialized services tailored to your needs

Take your communications to the next level

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From English into Spanish

From French into Spanish

  • Specialized translation

  • Proofreading by another experienced translator

  • Professional formatting and design

  • Optional: Certificate of Translation Accuracy with my ATA seal


Oral communication


From English into Spanish

From Spanish into English

  • Interpreting in specialized technical fields

  • Management of interpreting teams

  • On-site or remote services

  • End-to-end consulting services

  • Assistance with arranging for sound equipment, booth, console and receivers

Mercado de valores

Technical precision and the highest quality

Learn why it's beneficial to work directly with someone who understands your needs

À la carte

Since each client needs something different, my services are adapted and customized accordingly

Seamless communication

We can have in-person or remote meetings—or talk over the phone—so that we can ask one another questions, set expectations, and clear up any concerns

Cultural adaptation

I combine specialized technical knowledge with core training in languages and social sciences to produce functional, precise and clear texts that are perfectly adapted for the target language and audience


I work with the most up-to-date software to leverage technology—without losing the human touch

Professional ethics

As a professional linguist, I guarantee impartiality, honesty, confidentiality, and accuracy when translating and interpreting


I work side by side with your employees and other external partners: interaction is the key to achieving excellent results

Comprehensive project management

I have a wide network of colleagues with different profiles and skills, and I coordinate multidisciplinary teams in several language pairs

Language consulting and

I analyze your needs and make suggestions, so that you can decide what services are right for you

Terminology management

I create glossaries and style guides to document the best terminology, tone, and register for your business culture

"I'm very grateful to Carol for her work at the G20 Summit in 2018. Besides her excellent translation and interpretation standards, she was calm under pressure, very flexible when it came to last-minute requests, and always ready to help. We were delighted to have her as part of our team for such an intense 3 day event."

"Carol translated and proofread nomination materials for the Equator Prize 2017 for us as a UN Volunteer. We were very pleased with her results. She accommodated several last minute changes, adding to the complexity of the task at hand. She turned around her assignment quickly and with eye for detail. We are looking forward to working with her again in the future."

Martin Sommerschuh

Coordinator, Equator Initiative, United Nations Development Program

Las plumas de color rosa


Translation and proofreading from English and French into Spanish

I provide translation services to multinational firms and international organizations so that they can operate successfully in the US & Latin America.

I specialize in Economics, Finance, Accounting, Trade Law and related areas.

English into Spanish Translation

Types of Translations

📃 General and specialized translations

📃 Certified translations to be submitted to American organizations (with my American Translators Association seal)


🌐 United States

🌐 Latin America

🌐 Argentina and Uruguay 

Translation Process and Quality Assurance

Two pairs of eyes are better than one—that's why I always work with professional editors and proofreaders who review my translations.

Your finished Spanish-language document will reflect the visual elements and formatting of your source documents. If necessary, I work with graphic designers.

Stage 1

Project quotation and planning

Research; glossary and style guide creation

Stage 2

Specialized translation

Additional research; updates to termbases and style guides

Stage 3

Side-by-side editing (comparing the source text and the translation)

Proofreading to spot any spelling or style issues

Stage 4

Desktop publishing or document formatting

In-context proofreading

Documents ready to be delivered!

Software Solutions

I work with the following software to ensure the best results:

Marble Surface


Translation of verbal communication from English into Spanish, and from Spanish into English

ATA-Certified Translator

When you hire the services of a professional interpreter, you ensure that all the effort put into organizing your activity or event will pay off.

  • I relay your message in the other language, making sure that nothing is lost in the process

  • I understand the nuances of language and moderate the cultural and extralinguistic aspects of communication

  • I put interpreting techniques into practice without letting nervousness or unforeseen circumstances get in the way

Relax and speak in your own language—I can take care of the rest.

🏙️   Conferences

🏙️   Courses
🏙️   Talks
🏙️   Seminars
🏙️   Meetings
🏙️   Sales presentations
🏙️   Conventions
🏙️   Guided visits and tours
🏙️   Press conferences
🏙️   Interviews
🏙️   Official announcements
🏙️   Networking events
🏙️   Board meetings
🏙️   Debates

Some situations where you may require my services:

A Service to Meet Your Every Need

Translation International Development


Ideal for business meetings, interviews, negotiations, sightseeing tours, visits to companies, plants, or trade fairs, and business trips.


No booth or additional equipment required.

Spanish Conference Interpreter

Consecutive Interpreting

The best option for short speeches (no longer than half an hour), such as press conferences or official announcements.


No booth or additional equipment required.

latin american spanish translator

Simultaneous Interpreting

The ideal service for training sessions, conferences or presentations with a high number of attendees.

Simultaneous interpreting is done in real time, parallel to the speech, with special equipment.

When simultaneous interpreting is used, or when the service is performed remotely, if the event lasts more than an hour and a half, two interpreters must be hired for every language pair.


To ensure the best interpreting quality possible and take care of our health, since our job requires an unusually high level of concentration at all times.

I always work with trusted colleagues as boothmates.

Communicate without barriers, in person or remotely

All types of interpreting can be performed on site or remotely.

In-Person Events

With this option, a sound-proof booth is installed at the event venue, and wireless receivers are handed out to the audience so that they can listen to the interpretation.

In some specific contexts, portable equipment (known as a "bidule") can be used to perform simultaneous interpretation without  a booth.

My comprehensive packages include renting and installing sound and interpreting equipment.

Contact me if you have any questions.

Virtual Events Are Here to Stay

Liaison and consecutive interpreting can be performed using Zoom or similar platforms. It's that easy!

In addition, for some events held partially or totally online, it is possible to perform simultaneous interpreting using a remote interpreting platform.

In addition to involving a remote interpreting company, all the participants need to have a reliable Internet connection, as well as high-quality headphones and microphones.

Would you like to know if this alternative is viable for your event? Drop me a line!

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