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Carol Legnazzi
ATA-Certified Translator and Conference Interpreter

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The Best of Both Worlds

Would you like to attract customers, build brand loyalty, improve your company culture, and optimize your international operations? In that case, your specialized communication needs must be placed in expert hands. 

I am Carol Legnazzi, a Spanish translator and interpreter passionate about Economics & Finance. I provide Spanish translation and interpretation services to multinational firms, financial market participants and international organizations so that they can operate successfully in the US & Latin America.

I help my customers reach new markets, differentiate themselves from the competition, and provide outstanding service with technical and corporate texts perfect for their specific needs.

Ready to take the next step?

My services combine a deep understanding of Economics & Finance with core training in languages and social sciences.


If you hire me, you will obtain functional, precise, and clear texts that are perfectly adapted to the Spanish language and to your target audience.

Brújula apuntando hacia el norte

"I'm very grateful to Carol for her work at the G20 Summit in 2018. Besides her excellent translation and interpretation standards, she was calm under pressure, very flexible when it came to last-minute requests, and always ready to help. We were delighted to have her as part of our team for such an intense 3-day event."

Watch Me in Action

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